WoO/Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions

Driver: Cory Eliason

Feb 7th (ASCoC)     Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL              23rd

Feb 8th (ASCoC)     Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL              17th

Feb 9th (WoO)         Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL               5th

Feb 10th (WoO)       Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL              17th

Feb 11th (WoO)       Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL              DNQ

Feb 23rd (WoO)      Cotton Bowl Speedway – Paige, TX

Feb 24th (WoO)      LoneStar Speedway – Kilgore, TX

Feb 28th (WoO)      The Dirt Track at Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

March 1st (WoO)    The Dirt Track at Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

March 3rd (WoO)   Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA

March 9th (WoO)   Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare, CA

March 10th (WoO) Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare, CA

March 16th (WoO) Stockton Dirt Track – Stockton, CA

March 17th (WoO) Stockton Dirt Track – Stockton, CA

March 21st (WoO) Placerville Speedway – Placerville, CA

March 23rd (WoO) Ocean Speedway – Watsonville, CA

March 24th (WoO) Bakersfield Speedway – Bakersfield, CA





NARC King of the West Series & Sprint Car Challenge Tour

Driver: Kyle Hirst

March 31st (SCCT) Placerville Speedway/Placerville, CA  
April 7th (KWS) Kern County Raceway/Bakersfield, CA  
April 14th (SCCT) Stockton Dirt Track/Stockton, CA  
April 20th (KWS) Ocean Speedway/Watsonville, CA  
April 21st (KWS) Thunderbowl Raceway/Tulare, CA  
April 28th(SCCT) Petaluma Speedway/Petaluma, CA  
May 5th (KWS) Silver Dollar Speedway/Chico, CA  
May 12th (SCCT) I-95 Speedway/Fernley, NV  
May 18th (SCCT) Thunderbowl Raceway/Tulare, CA  
May 19th (KWS) Thunderbowl Raceway/Tulare, CA  
June 2nd (KWS) Thunderbowl Raceway/Tulare, CA  
June 9th (KWS) Petaluma Speedway/Petaluma, CA  
June 16th (SCCT) Keller Auto Speedway/Hanford, CA  
June 22nd (KWS) Ocean Speedway/Watsonville, CA  
June 23rd (KWS) Calistoga Speedway/Calistoga, CA  
June 30th (KWS & SCCT) Placerville Speedway/Placerville, CA  
July 1st (SCCT) Petaluma Speedway/Petaluma, CA  
July 7th (SCCT) Stockton Dirt Track/Stockton, CA  
July 14th (KWS) Petaluma Speedway/Petaluma, CA  
July 21st (KWS) Ocean Speedway/Watsonville, CA  
July 28th (KWS) Placerville Speedway/Placerville, CA  
Sept 21st (SCCT) Placerville Speedway/Placerville, CA  
Sept 22nd (SCCT) Placerville Speedway/Placerville, CA


October 6th (KWS) Kern County Raceway/Bakersfield, CA  
October 13th (KWS & SCCT) Keller Auto Speedway/Hanford, CA  
November 3rd (KWS & SCCT) Stockton Dirt Track/Stockton, CA  


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